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Here are a few of Rod's books and other resources.
True Disciple Cover 600x900.JPG

True Disciple

In 2016, God told me to write my true disciple story. I was going through a very difficult season and thought it was just an exercise to help me remember how good God is and all of the amazing journeys we had together. Now, He has allowed me to release it as a book. It's filled with fun stories and great teaching!

183 pages print or ebook

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Breaking Through

Tim is a struggling network marketer. His wife is hounding him to quit. His friends think he’s crazy and avoid him at social gatherings. He’s frustrated and ready to surrender but decides to give his business one last chance at a company convention in Hawaii. There he hopes to find the magic answers to success and the life of his dreams. A surprise encounter changes Tim’s life and unveils the true secrets to network marketing success.

117 pages print or ebook


God's Financial Plan

Are you experiencing debt and financial struggles? Does it feel hopeless at times? Well, it’s not, because God has a financial plan for you. All you have to do is learn about and implement the plan in your life. That’s what the author, Rod Nichols, did. He and his wife were $120,000 in debt, feeling lost and hopeless. Yet, after entering into God’s financial plan, they were debt free in just five years and have remained so to this day.

148 pages print or ebook


Where Did All

the People Go?

In the near future, millions, possibly billions of people are going to disappear from the earth. Read this book to discover why and how this is going to happen. Your decision in this time will determine whether you go or stay. So read and then share it with friends and family, before it's too late.

60 pages print or ebook

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The Magnetic Life

Have you noticed how some people just seem to attract good things to their life - relationships, health, money, and great opportunities? It's not that they are lucky or born with a gold spoon, it's that they are magnetized. In The Magnetic Life, you will learn how to magnetize yourself to all the good things life has to offer.

78 page ebook - $10

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Would You Like to Dig in My Goldmine

This is a great little parable that introduces people to MLM/Network Marketing. It tells the story of a man who literally finds a goldmine and invites people to come dig. The booklet then explains the parable and deals with the most common objections. Order multiple copies for yourself and to hand out.

6 page booklet

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The Ideal Business

This book takes the reader through the exercise of looking at all the types of businesses in order to find the ideal business, which is MLM/Network Marketing. This book will give you great information for  presentations and is also a good hand out book for prospects. Order a copy for yourself and some to hand out.

75 page book

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