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5 Reasons Your Business Should be Texting

How many of your prospective and current customers have a cell phone? How many of them text? When they receive a text, do you think they look at it within a few minutes? Then my final question is, why are you still emailing them offers and announcements and not sending those by text?

Texting has been around for over 20 years and it is here to stay. 98% of the time people open a received text and they do so within 3 minutes or less. This is the most powerful way to bring your prospective and current customers back to your business.

If you aren’t already convinced that adding an opt-in/opt-out SMS/Text plan to your marketing systems, here are 5 more reasons:

  1. Instant Communication – how many other marketing methods allow you to speak directly to your prospective or current customers instantly and automatically? Short of calling them on their cell phone, this is the number one method for sending marketing messages.

  2. More Effective – most businesses have email lists and that’s great (better than nothing). Unfortunately with all the filtering and junk email addresses, email has an open rate of only 20%. That means that 80% of your messages are not read. Compare this to SMS/Text and you find that a text has a 98% open rate. Case closed.

  3. You Have Their Permission – since this is an opt-in system, they have given you permission to send them marketing messages. In fact, if you are sending good information and offers, they will look forward to your messages.

  4. More Responsive – most people have their cell phones with them at all times (some people even sleep with them) and what happens when they receive a text? They have to look at it. This means your message gets to them instantaneously and if you are sending good offers they are likely to do business with you more often each month and will probably bring friends.

  5. Measurable – how many times have you run an ad in the local shopper publication or coupon mailer and didn’t have any idea whether it worked? SMS/Text is easily measurable, as you include a code in the text that the recipient must show to get the offer. Now, you can easily determine whether SMS/Text is working and also, which marketing messages are working the best.

If you have a business that relies on repeat customers, there is no question you should be using SMS/Text marketing and if your business is more of a one-time sale type of business, there are some creative ways to use SMS/Text marketing to increase sales. Contact me to discuss some SMS/Text options and cost.

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